How to Use a PopSocket: the Ultimate Guide

PopSockets are circular or disk-shaped plastic pieces that make it much easier to hold your phone. 

You can attach them to the back of your phone or the case itself. Not only do they attach to phones, but to tablets as well. You just need a flat surface to do that.

You can hold them in place by using a sticky adhesive. Read on If you want to know how to use PopSockets!

How to Open a PopSocket?

When they aren?t in use, they don?t take a large space or hinder the usage of your smartphone. However, when you pull the disk, it ?pops out? and expands like a tiny accordion, hence the name.

After that, you can slip your finger between the PopSocket and your phone. These magical items can make your life much easier, allowing you to hold your phone firmly with a relaxed hand.

However, this isn?t the only benefit you can get from a PopSocket, read on to find out how can this little item change your life!

How Can PopSockets Benefit You?

Despite being small and extremely simple, these tiny PopSockets offer a lot of advantages to their carriers.

Here?s a comprehensive list of the benefits that you can get from sticking on of those on the back of your smartphone!

Overall Enhanced Grip for your Smartphone

A list of PopSocket benefits wouldn?t just feel right if it doesn?t include its primary use. A PopSocket is a great tool to give you an extra grip on your phone. This includes all kinds of one-handed operations, which allows you to take the best selfies!

You can also use PopSockets to make texting, gaming, surfing, and talking on the phone much easier.

Moreover, since they are usually smooth, you can use them to pass the phone safely to someone else. You can slide the phone across a long table without scratching the back of your phone.

A More Confident Grip for Larger Devices

This feature becomes more evident if you?re using a larger phone. Some people struggle with a way to hold their huge smartphones, which results in occasional drops that may break the phone.

A pop socket is a great solution to this problem. You can use it for an easy and comfortable grip on large devices, such as tablets and e-readers as well.

An Excellent Level of Stability on Small Devices

You can also use it on smaller devices to get a more accurate grip. For example, you can attach it to your GoPro.

If you?ve ever been using a GoPro, you?ll know that it requires a steady hand for excellent photography. Additionally, GoPros are usually used through adverse conditions like a strong wind.

This wind doesn’t only make it hard to get a stable shot, but it can also knock off the GoPro of the user?s hand.

If you?re looking for a way to maximize the level of GoPro stability you?ll be delighted to see the result of using a PopSocket to improve the shot.

Turns your Smartphone to a kickstand

In addition to holding your smartphone with a PopSocket, you can also use them like a kickstand to watch videos horizontally.

If you place it closer to the edge, it can stand as a monopod for group photos. You can also use your phone as an alternative to a bedside alarm clock.

You can also use it as a stand while you video call, allowing for free hands. This means you can be doing other things like writing or playing games at the same time.

Easier Grip While Doing Other Activities

sweaty hands, unstable grips, and non-focusing brains are a sweet recipe for disaster. A lot of people drop their phones admit that it was because they were doing other activities while using the phone.

This includes jogging, running, and even cycling. PopSockets fixes that problem by making it much easier to grip your phone.

Safer Way to Use a Phone Near Wet Surfaces

If your phone isn?t waterproof, even the smallest amounts of water on a wet surface might cause some damage to your phone.

PopSockets makes it much safer to keep the phone on these surfaces. They raise the phone to a safe height to protect it from getting wet.

Excellent Stress Reliever

The fidget-friendly popping of the PopSocket makes it a perfect way to relieve the stress. They?re fun and addictive way to de-stress.

Earphone Cable Holder

Last but not least, you can also wrap your earphones around them. By doing this, you can keep them tangle-free in a convenient place all the time. 

Where to Position PopSockets?

There is nothing as wrong or right place to position the PopSockets. But, you need to pick the ideal place to use it before attaching it.

To do that, you can easily try it in different positions on the back without removing the adhesive covering.

Here are some pro tips on positioning your PopSockets:

  • If you have a larger phone, it?d be better if you attach two sockets instead of one
  • In the case of two PopSockets, make sure you line them up evenly
  • If you want the phone to stand up vertically, place the PopSocket at the bottom of the phone
  • If you want to keep your phone as clean as possible, you can attach PopSockets onto your phone?s cover
  • If you want the PopSocket to act as a horizontal stand, move towards the edge of the phone

How to Put a PopSocket on Your Phone Case?

Applying a PopSocket on your phone is a simple process. You should do the following:

  1. After deciding on your ideal position, pull the adhesive sticker gently from one side expose the adhesive
  2. Carefully place the exposed adhesive to the desired spot
  3. Keep pressing down firmly on the PopSocket for 15 seconds to make sure it attaches securely to the phone

How to Remove and Reposition the PopSocket?

If you?re annoyed with the bulge on the back of your phone, don?t worry, as PopSockets are easy to remove and reposition as well.

To remove and reposition the PopSocket you can do the following:

  1. Before removing the PopSocket, make sure that you flatten it. As it might pop out of the base if you remove it while extended
  2. Choose any corner of the PopSocket and gently peel it
  3. Keep peeling the edge in a circular direction
  4. Once all the edges are peeled out, pull up the PopSocket to take it off

If the adhesive is too strong, you can use dental floss to unglue. Simply wrap it around and pull it gently.

Now that the PopSocket is removed, you can reposition it if you like. You just need to wash dry the PopSocket under cold water and let it dry for 10 minutes. However, you need to reuse it within 15 minutes as the adhesive might dry out

Wrap Up

There you have it, a complete guide to teach you everything you need to know about PopSockets.

Now that you know tons of benefits it carries, and how to use PopSockets, it?s time to decorate your phone with those tiny works of art!