Cell Phone Repair Vancouver

Here are some of the best cell phone repair shops in Vancouver, British Columbia.

GoMobile Repair

245 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (at Alberta St.)
Phone: (604) 700-6049 Website: gomobilerepair.ca

Located on 245 West Broadway in Vancouver, British Columbia, there is the GoMobile phone repair store. This store offers repairs on all types of mobile devices from various manufacturers. They also have a buy and sell service, and they offer honest, reliable fair-priced repairs.

The store’s location allows for some parking nearby and accessibility via public transport. They have an actual mobile repair shop, which is an SUV equipped for the most basic repairs that can happen anywhere in Vancouver, you just need to call them in a timely fashion.

The store is opened from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, with no exceptions, and is closed on Sundays. The GoMobile Repair shop has been reviewed online on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook, and from these, I bring you a list of pros and cons.


  • Good list of services
  • All types of phones repaired here.
  • Storefront, mobile, and mail-in repair options
  • Fast service
  • Friendly staff


  • Notes about the poor quality of some repairs

The GoMobile Repair shop was established in 2010. This shop is owned by a certain Darcy P, who wanted to offer excellent services to his fellow citizens. After finding success in other fields, he decided to open and run the GoMobile Repair shop. The interior of the store is very nice, and they have a sort of a green theme with lots of recycled wood details and a nice sitting area where customers can wait while their device is being repaired.

Their mobile repair shop is an SUV that can be booked in advance and it comes to your location like an office, home or a café, and you can continue with your day while your phone gets fixed. The store offers a 2-hour turnaround, while the mobile shop offers a 30-minute turnaround time. Their mail-in service will get your device repaired in about 24 hours.

This shop offers a lot of repairs: back frame repairs, charging port repairs, glass screen repairs, camera repairs, headphone jack, speaker and microphone repairs, unlocking repairs, water damage repairs and in most cases, these are same-day services. Besides phones, the GoMobile Repair shop offers repairs on iPods and iPads, as well as delivery of repaired devices. All their repairs come with a year warranty, and they only use quality parts that allow them to have competitive prices for their services.


Cell Clinic Vancouver

935 Seymour St, Vancouver, British Columbia (at Nelson St.)
Phone: (604) 558-2424 Website: www.cellclinic.ca/vancouver

A small family-owned and run place, the Cell Clinic can be found on 935 Seymour Street, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The owners like to say that this is the most trusted cell phone repair and sales centre in Vancouver, and they have a wide array of services for their clients and have the best price promise. Cell Clinic also has a location in Surrey.

There is some street-side parking near this store and a nearby parking garage, and there is bike parking. This place is wheelchair accessible, and if you happen to be with your dog, you can bring him inside. This store is opened seven days a week: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

From the customer reviews I found on Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook, I bring you a list of the most common pros and cons of this place.


  • Good range of services
  • Family-owned place
  • Small-town town attitude towards customer care
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast repairs


  • Notes on unprofessional customer service
  • Complaints about some faulty repairs

The Cell Clinic was established in 2014 after the owner returned from England and decided to open a cell phone repair store in his hometown of Vancouver. The store is nicely done, with a red and white theme, lots of phone accessories, phones for sale and a lot more on the wall displays. The owner, Alex, is a respected entrepreneur, and he received British Columbia’s 30 Under 30 award for Business in 2019.

The store has a wide range of services and hires expert technicians that can tackle all kinds of issues. They offer back frame repair, digitizer repair, camera repair, speaker and microphone repair, glass screen repair, system failure repair, headphone jack repair, battery replacements, button and switch repair, water damage repair and more.

One can get their old phone traded in here for a different model. They also have unlocking services and an excellent array of accessories for all kinds of cell phones and tablets. This store offers premium quality parts and lifetime warranty on the repairs, as well as a lot of same-day services. An interesting service you can find here is the copying of key fobs, and they do this in about 10 minutes.


Fast Cell Repair at Kingsgate Mall

370 E Broadway #129, Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 374-5945 Website: fastcellrepair.ca

Situated at 370 East Broadway in Vancouver, British Columbia, there is a cell phone repair store by the name of Fast Cell Repair. This is a part of a chain that has six locations in this part of the country. From the information provided on Yelp, this place has speedy service, and you get a quote within 10 minutes of asking via the Yelp app.

There is free parking near the place, as it is located within the Kingsgate Mall and this place is wheelchair accessible. The working hours vary from day to day, and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday they are opened from 9.30 am to 8 pm On Thursday and Friday the working hours are 9.30 am to 9 pm and on Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

There are some good pros and some cons related to this place which I found from reading online reviews on Yelp, Public Mobile, Facebook, and Google Reviews.


  • Fast service
  • Accommodating staff
  • Large selection of parts in stock
  • Limited lifetime warranty on repairs
  • Reasonable prices


  • A customer complained of poor service and trouble with payment.

The Fast Cell Repair location in Kingsgate Mall was established in 2015. This is not a store, but a stand in the hall of the Mall. The products they have on stock are displayed all around the stand. It is owned by a certain Mr. Rashid whose idea was to become the best cell phone repair provider in Vancouver.

Their primary service is iPhone and iPad repair services, but they also repair a lot of other brands of cell phones and tablets. From their website, I learned that they offer all kinds of repair services: cracked screens, cell phone battery replacement, charging port repair camera repair, headphone jack and microphone repair, water damage repair and plenty of other maintenance.

People can also get a new phone here and have it unlocked so it can be operational on any network provider. One can also trade in their old phone for a new one, and get all kinds of protective glass covers installed.

A big plus for them is that they always have a technician in, and almost all repairs are done within 30 minutes or less. So if you have been unfortunate enough to damage your phone, then you can simply go by this store leave your phone, get a coffee in one of Kingsgate Mall’s coffee shops and come back half an hour later and you’ll be set.


iRepair Vancouver

1310 Richards St, Vancouver, British Columbia (at The Electra at Nelson St.)
Phone: (778) 987-2571 website: iRepair.ca

This cell phone repair chain has five locations in Canada: three in Toronto, one in Mississauga, and one in Vancouver. We’ll take a closer look at the Vancouver location, which is situated on 955 Hornby Street. This shop provides all sorts of repairs for iPhones and iPods.

There is almost no parking available nearby, only a few spots in an alley nearby, so that can be an issue. However, this place is readily accessible via public transport. The store is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 7 pm and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

This shop has been reviewed online on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook. I read these and I made a list of the pros and cons of the iRepair store.


  • Guaranteed low prices
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • 1-year warranty
  • Speedy repairs
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac repairs


  • Only Apple products serviced here
  • Complaints about poor service on occasion

The iRepair store was established in 2005, and they have been fixing iPhones for a lot of satisfied customers. This place is located on the second floor of the commercial building and has nothing much to offer in terms of interior design, as they are a repair centre, after all. There are a simple service counter and some iPhone cases displayed in the front of the store.

They offer simple and complex services: back frame repair, charge port repair, glass screen repair, microphone and speaker repair, battery replacement, digitizer repair, button and switch repair, headphone jack repair, water damage repair, camera repair, and system failure repair. They also offer repairs on other Apple products like iPads, iPods and Mac laptops.

The iRepair Vancouver location has the same day service when possible, and they list the prices on the most common repairs on their website and usually stick to these. They carry high-quality copies of replacement screens and OEM grade screens, which are available by appointment only and at a higher price. Still, according to many satisfied users, the iRepair store offers very affordable prices, and there is the promise of matching the lowest advertised price in Vancouver.



Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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